Instant Mask 10 in 1 - T.Hair Cosmetics

Instant Mask 10 in 1 - T.Hair Cosmetics



T Hair Cosmetics developed this 10 in 1 Instant mask with the properties to: 

- Repairs dry and damaged hair      - Facilitates drying

- Discipline frizz                                 - Prolongs the cap

- Protects from the heat                  - Heals the double hairs

- Softens the hair                               - Brings shine

- Temystifies easily                            - Protects colored hair



The original formula 10 in 1 Instant Mask offers a doubvle action to use: Deep care after shampoo and styling product. It provides protection against external agressions and the heat of the dryer. 



To be applied after the shampoo, hold 20 cm from head for an even distribution throughout. Spreadwell with a comb for optimal disentangling before drying (dryer or ceramivstraighteners). It can also be used on dry hair, spread the Instant Protect Mask and rub irt between the hands before applying it from the rootto the tip of the hair.